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PA Today Media and Recruiting Services was just recently started in 2022 by Jonathan Magusiak. My company is brand new to the space of media and recruiting. However, I have 20 plus years of high school football, basketball, and baseball experience. Not too long ago, I was a high school athlete myself. When I played, I felt that there wasn’t enough exposure for high school athletes. There also weren’t enough free tools to help kids get recruited. PA Today offers Player Profile Services, Exposure Packages, Private QB Training, advertising, and much more. In high school sports, it is about developing the kids into being young men and women. Part of that is helping the athlete advance to a higher level of education, which would be college in this case. If you just so happen to be able to play a sport at the next level, we will help you get recruited to the best of our ability. If you would like to get in contact with us about recruiting exposure, please contact us on Twitter @PAToday_Sports. Send us your film, stats, and full athletic resume and we will do our best to get you exposure! We are growing at a great rate and if we continue to grow at this rate, next football season we will be one of the main PA Sports accounts. Many college coaches have begun to follow our platform along with recruiting services. Follow us today and send us your film!

The Ultimate Prize in WPIAL Football for classes 4A,3A,2A,1A is decided at Acrisure Stadium each season.

PA Today Content Schedule

May – Position Rankings

June/July Summer Visits

August – 2023 WPIAL Preseason Preview

Rest of the year – More new exciting content.

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